Since the 1970s, double glazing has become the standard for windows in the UK. Its performance far exceeds that of single glazing in virtually every aspect. For this reason, we find it surprising how many homes in towns like Chelmsford, Epping, Maldon and others in the South East are still fitted with it. The double glazing of today is also much improved to that of 10 years ago so there’s plenty of reasons why you should upgrade the glazing on your Essex or East London home.

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What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is made up of two glass panes that are separated by a cavity. This cavity is sometimes filled with air but it is usually filled up with an inert gas like Argon or Krypton. The combination of two panes of glass and the low thermal conductivity of inert gases insulates the home very well against noise and heat, especially compared to single glazing. Insulating the home in such a way has a number of excellent benefits for the homeowner.

What are the benefits of it?

  • Retain more heat – because double glazing insulates extremely well, more heat will be kept inside your home. This means your home will be warmer and more comfortable.
  • Lower energy costs – The Energy Saving Trust says that, by replacing all the single glazed windows on a detached house with ‘A’ rated double glazing, you can save £110 a year on your energy bills.
  • A quieter home – nothing beats a bit of peace and quiet when you’re relaxing at home and because our high-quality double glazing is an effective barrier against outside noise, your home will always be a peaceful place to be in.
  • Less condensation on the inside of your windows – better insulation means less condensation will form on the inside of your windows, which can eventually lead to mould formation.
  • Increased security – Whilst a single pane of glass can be smashed through with relative ease, double glazing is notoriously difficult to break.
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What products is double glazing available with?

Here at U-Trade Windows, we use double glazing as standard on a variety of our products, the most common ones being:

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